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News: Finally online!

The page is there, the layout looks fine and I got some pictures of  Kreeka, the Skaven (ratling-) Seer at the Games Day 2013 in Cologne!



On this page I want to share ideas, knowledge and experience concerning mask making, monster costumes and special effects, along with monstrous art and writing.

"Monsters" takes you to my big and small projects, ordered by creatures - each critter gets a Making-of, art & concept drawings, stories and, of course, pictures of the costume "in action".

"Methods" shows you tutorials on some techniques (from latex masks to fursuit construction), informations on raw materials, thoughts on planning and organizing a monstrous project and a list with helpful links.

The page "Mistress" gives you a bit of information about me, what I do and where you find me (and my works) online and in real life.
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This site is still under construction and will be worked at in August 2013. Be sure to check back from time to time!